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University Distance Program


To help students get professional education through distance learning so that he/ she can take a step towards corporate world.
* Expansion of understanding related to various streams of management.
* To develop managerial skills and personal skills leading to self development.
* Exploring prospects for higher education in the field of management.

* To get Certificate from recognized college and University.

Advantages of Distance Education:

* Learning at your own pace, speed and convenience.

* Just-in-time learning; more opportunities to learn the latest and the updated study materials.

* Reaching the unreached; reaching those with restricted mobility (drop-outs, housewives, handicapped, elderly people).

* Accessibility for those with family responsibilities (parents with young children at home).

* Exposure to telecommunication technology and access to media-rich learning environment

Silent Features of Distance Learning:

*  No Age Barrier* Flexibility in rules and regulations

* Admissions twice a year, in calendar year (January batch) and academic year (July batch).* Quality print material is provided by the university in SLM format only in English language.

* Well defined minimum and maximum duration of each programme.

* Study based on credit system and students are at ease to accumulate credits as per their convenience and availability of time.

* Evaluation of students on the basis of Internal assignments (30% weightage) and Term-EndExamination (70% weightage).

Self Learning Material:

The Self Learning Material (SLM) is specially designed to provide space for reflection,introspection and critical thinking. SLM in print is delivered at the door step of the learner and contains much more than just information. SLM prepared by the University has the following characteristics:
* Clearly states objectives and learning outcomes.
* Contents divided into various headings and subheadings that cover each learning objective.
* Self Learning Exercises and check your progress questions are inbuilt in the study material.
* Unit structure has been given in the beginning of the unit.
* Provides plenty of examples, charts, graphs, tables and equations wherever necessary.
* At the end of each unit summary, glossary has been provided.

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