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Technical & Management Courses

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (2 years)

Diploma In Civil Engineering Techniques (2 years)

Diploma in Architectural Technology (2 years)
Diploma In Electronics Engineering Technology (2 years)

Diploma In Computer Engineering Techniques (2 years)

Diploma in Civil Draftsman (1 year)

Electrician (1 year)

Diploma in Welding Technology (1 year)

Diploma in Mechanical Fitter (1 year)

Diploma in Industrial Automation (1 year)
Diploma in H.V.A.C (1 & 2 year)
Diploma in Fiber Optic Technician (1 year)
Diploma in Industrial Instrument Technician (1 & 2 year)
Diploma in Plumbing (1 year)

Diploma in A/C Mechanic (1 year)

Diploma in Project Management (1 year)

Diploma in Quality Management (1 year)

Diploma in Construction Management (1 year)

Diploma in Marketing Management (1 year)

Diploma in Material Management (1 year)

Diploma in International Business Management (1 year)
Diploma in Production & Operation Management (1 year)

IE Circle

IE Circle provides consulting services which helps students and working professionals about higher education and career opportunities. We are here to help you choose the right career. People who understand you and your job interests are waiting to connect with you.

Our experts advise you with wide range of options that suits you the best or which is suitable to the profile of the candidates. Join our courses today and be at the same time a part of such a remarkable experience!

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